Wednesday, January 28, 2004

2nd Grade Chinese Shadow Plays (Jan 2004)

[Milton Academy News Article]

Second Grade Presents the 19th Annual Shadow Plays

January 28, 2004 -In Kellner Performing Arts Center, second grade students presented four stories, each acted out in silhouette and accompanied by music performed also by second graders.

The children acted-out Bawshaw Rescues the Sun, Stone Soup, Toad Is the Uncle of Heaven and The Terrible Nun Gwama. Lower School faculty members Olga Mahoney, Dottie Pitt, Michael Bentinck-Smith and Claire Valle narrated. The second grade class gives special thanks to Matthew Etherington, Jenny Sorblom and Gary Shrager, as well as consulting Upper School faculty David Peck and Pam McArdle.